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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Because I Love Her

A few months ago I wrote a piece for a book and today I received word that it's up on amazon already for pre-order. The book is a collection of essays on mother/daughter relationships. I'm pretty sure there will be a reading in NYC when it launches too, which I hope to go to.

Until then, here's the first paragraph of my piece:

Rhonda Schwartz's mother used to smoke thin ladylike cigarettes and say curse words (the bad ones) while she made lunch. She would ask point blank about how far I ever went with a boy, while simultaneously rubbing gel blusher on my 12-year-old cheeks. It was shocking, daring -- and I kind of liked it. Mrs. Schwartz would also get undressed right in front of us, and model scanty clothes, asking earnestly our opinion of her new hot pants outfit or tight metallic sweater that she wore with no bra. She would take hour long bubble baths in the afternoon and chain smoke while heating up frozen eggrolls for us. Everything she did was in full make-up. I had never seen a mother like her before. I wondered, could mothers could even do that?

Friday, December 05, 2008
Next Door Neighbor

There is a great story series up at SMITHMag called Next Door Neighbor. I wrote a piece about our old neighbor Glenna. All true. I could have said so much more but 10 comic pages were the limit.

Where I've Been

Fresh Yarn is a great site created by mastermind Hilary Carlip. I was lucky enough to write a few things there:

In Defense of Hanukkah and
The One Armed Babysitter

Index was a great arts magazine and I got to interview lots of interesting people there like, Daniel Clowes, Jerry Stahl, Sam Prekop and my good pal Archer Prewitt. The only interview online now is the one I did with 16 year-old Scarlett Johansson.

There's also the defunct babble column


My Joint: Jewish Holiday Fun

Before the Mortgage has a great essay about my job at "Person
s Magazine."

The Alan King Book
has a story about Jewish Christmas.

A beautiful zine book that featured Plotz.

Another zine excerpt.

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